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List date:2012-09-12
A reliable retailer that has served thousands of customers in Manilla and nationwide. We offer pick-up in Manilla (but no walk-in).
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Widget City can deliver more than what you need!
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1 Dec 2015


Very poor

purchased 2 xmas presents in dec 2012 still not have the phone sold as it was defective on the first use ...no warranty!! i believe these are knock off and would warn future buyers to be cautious buy from a genuine store a few hundred more but you will have a genuine product and a real warranty and customer service be aware

5 Aug 2013

The map below shows you where to find this retailer. PriceMe displays purchase locations for both physical stores and online stores with pickup.

  • Victoria De Manila 

    1655 Taft Ave. 



    0917 509 6058