Asustor AS-7004T 4-Bay Reviews

Asustor AS-7004T 4-Bay
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Asustor AS7004T

Verdict: Asustor recently released their AS7004 and AS7008 NAS servers which address small- and medium-sized business environments with 200 and more users. Today, we will put the AS7004 to the test, which can take up to four HDDs and is based on an Intel i3 processor.

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3 years ago
Verdict: We singled out the Ultra HD feature in our introduction, but the truth is: there are several software features that make the AS7004T an exceptional prosumer product. It's easy to get so wrapped up in the extras like transcoding, Ultra HD playback, and mobile access to data that we overlook the core...

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3 years ago
Tweak Town

ASUSTOR AS7004T Network Attached Storage

Verdict: I have always been a big believer in the converging technology trend since the turn of the millennium. Basically, for every niche product that comes in a similar form factor as another niche product with a different purpose, both of them will eventually "converge" into one device that does both...

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3 years ago
APH Networks

ASUSTOR AS7004T NAS Server Review

Pros: - Excellent Build Quality, - Intel Core i3-4330 (3.5GHz, - Excellent Performance, - Features, - 2GB SO-DIMM DDR3 RAM (Expandable To 16GB, - 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, - 5 USB Ports (3xUSB 3.0 / 2xUSB 2.0, - 2 eSATA Ports, - HDMI v1.4a Output, - 4k (2160p) Video Output, - Optical S/PDIF Audio Output,...
Cons: - Price (For Some
Verdict: When i first started using and testing NAS (network attached storage) devices well over 5 years ago their specifications couldn't compare to even the most entry level notebook and honestly back then there really was little need for anything more than that since most people used them as download...

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4 years ago
Verdict: In order to help buyers find the right NAS, ASUSTOR breaks its product line into multiple categories. We have already reviewed products from the "Personal to Home" 2 series, products from the "Home to Power User" 3 series and the AS-604T from the "Power user to Business" 6 series.

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4 years ago

Good general purpose NAS

Verdict: Good general purpose NAS. However, I bought this specifically to use as a NVR for a few IP cameras. If this is your purpose for the Asustor, then look elsewhere. The information about the Asustor Surveillance Center app looks impressive. However, the software is terrible.

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1 year ago

Powerful and versatil

Verdict: This product is amazing, you can use it for backup, multimedia center, mail server, virtualization and more. It can transconde 1080p videos without a problem. CONS: - it comes with only 2gb ram - requiere some work to access the second memory slot for upgrade
2 years ago
B&H Photo

7004t running 4x 3tb deskstar

Verdict: The best and most powerful home nas available with 4k capabilities

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3 years ago
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