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Digital Cameras Buying Guide

In the digital age, you can immediately delete photos that shouldn't see the light of day. It's that easy! But is it that easy to actually buy your new digital camera? This buying guide should give you a decent snapshot of what to look for.

Cheap is Not Necessarily Nasty

- You might avoid a certain type of digital camera because of its low price tag - after all, cheap is nasty, right? Not necessarily so. If you don't aspire to becoming a world class photographer and just want to take basic photos then a low price camera should be able to meet your requirements. It's only when you want lots of features to handle more advanced photography that you can expect to pay more - but if you don't need all those features then don't be afraid to research a low-cost model that is perfectly capable of doing the job.

Need For Speed

Capturing the moment - or more specifically a series of moments - requires a camera that can take as many photos as possible over a short space of time. If you're wanting to capture action shots e.g. on the sports field, motorsports track, or wildlife moving through its natural environment, then speed is a very important feature. Not every camera operates at the same speed in capturing the action, and just as crucially, not every camera is super- quick to set-up and shoot. This is another thing to think about when time is of the essence.

Are Megapixels Really That Important?

You've probably heard that the more megapixels the better the photo. This sort of talk has been used to sell digital cameras for years but in reality, it's the quality of the lens and sensor that determine the brilliance and clarity of the photograph, and these are the things you should worry about before you concern yourself too much with megapixels.

Read The Reviews

Photography has to be one of the most written about topics in the world. Millions of words have been written about the art of photography, and the cameras used to create that art. Once you've created a shortlist of cameras you're interested in, head to your nearest search engine and type in the model. You're guaranteed to come across comprehensive reviews featuring the pros and cons of each camera, and as these reviews are written by people who are passionate about photography, you can be pretty sure that their words carry some weight.

Be Comfortable With It

A camera is something you'll carry with you for hours on end while you're on holiday or looking to capture magic moments at a special event. With this in mind, your camera should fit comfortably into your hand and not weigh you down in the process. Larger cameras packed with features can be a little cumbersome, but new compact varieties do offer plenty of bells and whistles if you're keen on doing more than basic photography. You may pay a little more for these models, but the payoff is a high-performing camera that fits your hand like a glove.

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