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LG V20 review

Verdict: Update : Sadly, the LG V20 never made its way to regions outside of the US. But there's finally a bit of good news if you were wanting to get your hands on one, or at least something like it. LG is releasing the LG Q8 in European regions. It's a smaller, water-resistant version of the V20.

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10 months ago
TechRadar UK
Pros: Audio quality, B&O earphones, vibrant screen, overall performance, manual camera controls, battery
Cons: Quite big in size, missing details in wide-angle snaps
Verdict: For the price, no doubt LG is offering a phone bundled with loads of features, specially B&O Play earphones, Hi-Fi Video Recording and HD Audio recorder, with dual lens in the rear.

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1 year ago
PC Quest
Pros: Good Display, Great Performance, Superb Camera, Decent Battery life, Loud Speaker output, Excellent Audio recording capabilities, Fast charging
Cons: Massive in size, Minute software glitches, Fingerprint sensor with embedded power button have issues, Customary form factor, Second screen is not very useful
Verdict: LG announced its latest Flagship in the month of November last year. The launch was one of the best of all times, announcing the smartphone in a roofless top of a multi-storey hotel, was awesome. However, we're not here to talk about launch. What we have here with us is LG V20 for review.
1 year ago

LG V20 review: Feature rich smartphone, but cannot beat most flagships in the market

Verdict: LG is slowly losing its mark in the smartphone market. Not only did the G5 have poor sales, their budget range is no match for its Chinese rivals. Even the Nexus branding was axed by Google this year, something with which LG did well in the past years.

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1 year ago

Time-saver edition

Verdict: The LG V20 is the epitome of LG's technology and the embodiment of a no-comprise phone. It has two screens, two cameras, four high-quality digital-to-analog converters, an MIL-STD-compliant shock-resistant all-metal body with the trademark LG removable battery and it even came out with the latest...

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1 year ago
GSM Arena
Verdict: The smartphone line-up LG presented us with this year has been uninspiring. Sure, the modular design of the G5 was interesting but I felt that too much sway was put on the additional gadgets that came with the handset.
1 year ago

LG V20

Pros: Great audio performance, Removable back and battery, Fast
Cons: Camera is only satisfactory, Battery life could have been better, Metal build doesn't feel as premium as it should
Verdict: The LG V20 is a phone for the audiophiles, or for those who want a removable back and battery. However, if those aren't your priorities, then the Google Pixel/Pixel XL or iPhone 7 Plus far surpass the V20, and are better choices.

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1 year ago
Verdict: Earlier this year, LG unveiled its V20 smartphone, and as it was the first model anywhere to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the box, it gained attention worldwide. On Monday, the company finally launched the V20 in India.

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1 year ago

LG V20: Australian Review

Verdict: The LG V20 is a very late entrant into this year's Android phone boxing match, but for exactly that reason it's arriving to the fight fresh and with a whole set of new tricks up its sleeve. Is this - very quietly, now - the best Android phone of 2016?

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1 year ago

LG V20 review: the definitive live gig smartphone?

Verdict: The LG V20 offers a great but not excellent camera experience (in large part due to the extensive settings), rich audio playback and super-speedy performance. But those hoping to get some fantastic concert recordings will need to do just that – hope.
1 year ago
Pros: Great Build Quality, Good Screen, Brilliant Audio Quality, High Quality Dual Camera Setup, Dual FOV Front Facing Cameras, Extensive Manual Mode for Camera (Photo and Video
Cons: Excessive Noise Reduction on Photos in Auto Mode, User Interface needs a Re-haul, Secondary Screen Could've been Placed Better
Verdict: The LG V series is to the G series what the Galaxy Note series is to the Galaxy S series. However instead of being more of an upgrade or an updated version of the G series, the V series phones have an entirely different personality to themselves.

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1 year ago

LG V20 Review

Pros: Great performance, Impressive camera quality, Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, Great display quality, Useful secondary display, Removable battery, Impressive audio quality
Cons: Uninspiring design, Quite expensive
Verdict: LG continues to experiment with its flagship handset and while we've already seen how they're leaning towards as evidenced by the LG G5, their phablet counterpart is a little more subdued. The V series is LG's super-sized ( phablet ) flagship smartphone and the V20 is the second-generation handset.
1 year ago
Verdict: 2016 is a very Pixelly year. For any other manufacturer to be releasing a new phone at the end of the year, they're going to find it very difficult, especially with the large marketing push Google are doing this year.

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1 year ago

LG V20 review: the best smartphone for audiophiles

Pros: Great perfomance, Android Nougat, Removable battery, 32-bit Quad DAC chip, Wide angle camera
Cons: No wireless charging, Not waterproof, Camera underperforms in low light, Not available in UK or Europe
Verdict: The LG V20 isn't the perfect smartphone. Neither is it the prettiest nor the longest lasting. It has several shortcomings most notably, it lacks Snapdragon 821, it's not waterproof, it isn't as polished as its competition and it has an IPS rather than an AMOLED screen.
1 year ago
Pros: Premium performance, Excellent audio quality, Bright, attractive screen, One of the few phones to come with Nougat, Removable battery
Cons: Dual-camera system could be better, Second screen isn't that useful, Not water resistant, Tough to use with one hand, Expensive on certain carriers
Verdict: Don't let its dull looks fool you: Beyond the V20's flagship-level power and slightly tweaked version of Android Nougat is a device tailor-made for creatives. The V20 is an excellent media player (even with lossless files) and doubles as an impressive audio recorder.

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1 year ago

LG V20 review: The Android phone for hardcore enthusiasts

Verdict: LG hired Joseph Gordon-Levitt to market its V20 phablet , but I think a better pitchman would have been Stefon from Saturday Night Live : "2016's hottest phone is the LG V20. It's got everything.

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1 year ago
Pros: Audiophile-grade quad Hi-Fi DAC, MIL-STD 810G durability, Removable battery, Professional-level audio and video recording controls, Excellent earphones (B&O branded) included
Cons: Average benchmarks, Battery life could be better, Niche features
Verdict: The V20 has a marginally larger battery than its predecessor, with 3,200mAh capacity compared to 3,000 on the V10. Our standard battery test for mobile phones has the following parameters: N.B.

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1 year ago

LG V20 review: The Android phone for hardcore enthusiasts

Pros: Packed with interesting features. The perfect phone for nerds, Removable battery and Second Screen: nice value-adds, Best audio capabilities of any...
Cons: Photo and video features don't live up to LG's claims, Not the zippiest or refined Android phone available
Verdict: The V20 is packed with interesting features for hardcore enthusiasts, but the user experience feels stale, and camera performance doesn't meet LG's...
1 year ago
PC World

Review: LG V20

Pros: Monster specs should appeal to power users. Audio features (both listening and recording) are a major step up. The second display could be a gimmick, but it's actually useful
Cons: The design lacks some polish, especially for the price. Verizon bloatware and LG skin are crummy. It's not waterproof. The fingerprint reader as power button drove me bananas
Verdict: With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 going up in smoke , there's a little more room for other jumbo phones to get some attention. The LG V20 is one of those mammoths, a 5.7-inch display with top-line internals and a handful of distinguishing features.
1 year ago

LG V20 Review: Stealing the Note 7's spotlight

Pros: Display is color accurate, sharp, and bright, Secondary display is surprisingly helpful, Two camera lenses, standard angle, and wide-angle, Replaceable battery, Easy access to innards
Cons: Battery life a day or less, Concerns about fragility of camera array glass, Pricing quite high
Verdict: With the galaxy note 7 quite literally self-destructing and throwing Samsung's holiday plans into disarray, LG finds itself with an unexpected opportunity with the v20. Today we're aiming to provide a review helpful to both former Galaxy Note users and potential users curious about the ins and outs...

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1 year ago
Pros: -Fantastic build -Removable back/battery -MicroSD expansion -Fast performance -Android 7.0 Nougat -Dual rear cameras -QUAD DAC -MIL-STD 810G durability
Cons: -LG's UI feels unpolished -Camera is not strong in low light -Light bleed from second screen
Verdict: So, there you have it for this in-depth look at the LG V20! The V20 may share some similarities with the G5, like a metal build and a dual camera setup on the back, but the former does offer and feature a whole lot more.

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1 year ago

LG V20 Review: A Big-Screen Beast for Content Creators

Pros: Dual rear cameras offer different angles, Great manual controls for photo/video, Handy, always-on second screen, High-gain microphones, Removable battery
Cons: Expensive, No waterproofing, So-so battery life
Verdict: The LG V20 is a bit of a strange beast. It looks like an enlarged LG G5 and skips most of the design features that made last year's V10 unique. Its battery life is pretty average, and with a price tag starting at around $750 (depending on which carrier you choose), it's not cheap, either.

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1 year ago
Tom's Guide

Review: LG's V20 is a different kind of phone -- in a good way

Pros: Fine performance; exceptional sound quality; extremely detailed control of audio and video; replaceable battery; innovative UI
Cons: Fit and finish not as sleek as competitors; expensive; not water resistant; UI may not be to everyone's taste
Verdict: The LG V20 is, you may have gathered, a lot of phone, with some risky design options: a replaceable battery with the physical disadvantages that entails; an uncommon and unorthodox UI; unusually detailed and successful audio-video features.
1 year ago

LG V20

Pros: Durable metal body. Top-of-the-line hardware. Excellent camera performance. High-quality audio. Useful "secondary" display. Latest Android software. Includes removable battery, expandable storage, and IR blaster
Cons: Average battery life. Heavy software layer and carrier bloatware. No waterproofing or wireless charging
Verdict: The attractive LG V20 phablet is overflowing with features that will appeal to audiophiles, photographers, and average Android users alike.
1 year ago
PC Magazine
Verdict: Android 7, aka , has been rolling out primarily to Google's Nexus and new Pixel phones, as well as a few Motorola handsets, but a new Nougat contender has entered the fray, hot off the press from . The LG V20 is the follow-on to last year's and a current follow-up to the modular recently.

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1 year ago

LG V20 Review

Pros: Exceptional cameras, Sleek, tough metal body, Removable battery, Android 7.0 installed, Excellent audio performance, Second screen works well for notifications
Cons: Not waterproof, B&O certification not available in the U.S, Unlocked version may not work outside U.S and Korea
Verdict: Whether it's taking sexy selfies or scenic landscapes, the LG V20 is the camera phone for the job.

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1 year ago

LG V20 review: Inconsistent greatness

Pros: Useful secondary display and vibrant main display, Premium design, Impressive wide-angle dual-camera setup, Groundbreaking audio experience
Cons: Inconsistent performance for camera & other large apps, Slow boot time, Not waterproof, Tendency to slightly overheat
Verdict: Can it compete? The LG V20 is in many ways an amazing phone. It has everything it needs -- premium design, fantastic camera, leading audio quality and even an interesting future-forward always-on display feature.

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1 year ago

LG V20 Review: Multimedia Powerhouse

Pros: Great dual camera, phenomenal headphone audio, excellent screen, solid performance, removable battery
Cons: Expensive, boring design, no notification LED
Verdict: There's a lot to like about LG's V20 - from its remarkable dual camera system and Hi-Fi Quad DAC to its unrivaled manual video mode. And while it's definitely a multimedia powerhouse, it's also a solid flagship. The main screen is beautiful, and that second display is actually useful.
1 year ago
Chip Chick

Review: LG V20 Android Smartphone

Pros: Superb metal build, High durability, Removable back and battery, Lightning fast fingerprint scanner, Great battery life, Second screen is simply amazing, The most powerful camera software around, Ultra high quality audio recording and playback, Dual cameras are stunning and useful, Handy security...
Cons: Lame main display for a 2016 flagship, Camera can chug sometimes, Software can trend on the convoluted side at times
Verdict: It's difficult to fault the LG V20 in most ways, and it's entirely likely that the super short list of negative points of this phone will easily be glossed over simply due to the sheer amount of positives.
1 year ago
Pros: + Runs on Android Nougat, + Bang and Olufsen headphones, + Removable battery
Cons: - Low transfer speed for USB, - No App drawer, - Low use for second display
Verdict: The big selling point for the LG V20 is that it will be the first smartphone to sport Android 7.0 Nougat straight out of the box. Its other standout qualities include a second screen, which sits at the top of the device alongside the front-facing camera.

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1 year ago

I really like the phone, but I need it to work! Any suggestions

Verdict: Received today. I am with Tmobile and I went there to get some assistance. Rep kept saying its on Verizon network and probably won't work totally right. He finally got it to make a call and email. Now, I cannot get it to maintain the Mobile Hot Spot.

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2 months ago

Fantastic camera; speaker not as loud as the G4's

Verdict: Fantastic camera; speaker not as loud as the G4's. Bought it because of the removable battery, and hoping this rendition is cured of the bootloop bug.

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4 months ago


Verdict: This user earned $10.00 in rewards for writing this review. Learn More I received this phone earlier than was predicted. It was everything I wanted. Had looked several different places & overstock had the best price, the fastest delivery and it was just as they advertised it to be.
9 months ago

It's kinda good.

Pros: Replaceable battery, Call quality, FM radio, Fingerprint scanner (sometimes doesn't work well, Video recording, Speed of battery charging (if you have a good charger, Relatively fast responsive, Big display
Cons: Battery life, Quality of the display, Gets hot, Glitches, 4GB of memory isn't enough these days, Front camera isn't good as I would want, Problems with data transfer through cable, Not water resistant, Wide camera mode isn't good sometimes, Music player isn't good enough, Second screen isn't fully...
Verdict: Decided to buy v20 instead of Galaxy s7. Not impressed. First problem - battery. I have to charge the phone during a day. Reception isn't the best. Maybe because I'm a Tmobile customer. 4GB of RAM memory isn't enough these days. 64 GB of storage too. The phone gets hot.

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9 months ago

Nicely put together phone

Verdict: Nicely put together phone, although not as luxious as my HTC 10. The replaceable battery will likely mean that I will stick with this phone for a while, depending on its durability. The size is just right for me, I have largest hands. No problems connecting O2.

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10 months ago

Bought it for the sound quality

Verdict: I chose to buy this phone because I wanted a mobile with good audio capabilities. I am happy with the audio quality. The screen is wide and impressive. There is 51gb space internal memory and supports volte. Fast charger is a really good feature.
11 months ago

Love the LG V20 (except the selfie cam).

Verdict: I bought this phone in January and the only complaint I have is the 5 megapixel selfie cam. It's a wide angle camera, but I think the quality is pretty poor - very grainy and blurry. The LG G5 has an 8 megapixel selfie cam and it takes significantly better quality selfies - especially in low light.
1 year ago
JB Hi-Fi

LG V20

Pros: 1.. Amezing sound quality...high fi dack is really good...best output sound..but htc 10 is slightly better..my opinion., 2..build quality good, 3..snapdragon 820.., 4...very good earphone provide for ths phn.., 5...dual sim plus memory card., 6..removal battary.
Cons: 1...camera not up to the mark as a like flagshp..lg g5 front camera better than v20...s7 edge rear far far better.., 2...very average battary life., 3..high price., 4..high end gaming performance not up the mark..heating problem..when you play high end game.., 5..overwall nice phn.
Verdict: V20 a good phone from lg...a flagshp phone ..with very good sound quality..and removal battary...camera good..but not a like g5.g6..s7 edge...built quality better then g5..very average battary life...bo earphn good sound quality...
1 year ago

LG V20 records really high-quality audio and features a swappable battery and secondary wide-angle lens

Verdict: LG V20 is another android that easily beats the iPhone.?
1 year ago

Outstanding phone!!

Verdict: I've had the V20 now for about a month, coming off of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which turned out to be a HUGE disappointment. I had LG phones for several years before hopping around and trying other products.
1 year ago
Verizon Wireless



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1 year ago

An LG Bomb

Verdict: After having an LG phone prior to the v20 I was sorely disappointed with this model. The phone often freezes up which requires a restart and the camera is definitely of poorer quality with pictures having a grainy affect when zooming in.
1 year ago
Wireless AT&T

beauty beats price

Verdict: ah! what a beauty. the awesome appearance creating a feel to acquire one some how

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1 year ago

Interesting design

Pros: -Durable body, -Snappy hardware, -Excellent camera, -Great speakers, -Innovative "secondary" display, -REMOVABLE BATTERY AND EXPANDABLE STORAGE, -IR blaster
Cons: -No waterproofing, -Pricy on NCIX, -Tons of bloatware and poor software skin design, -No wireless charging, -Poor battery life, -Although having an innovative secondary display, the primary display isnt that great given its price point
Verdict: Interesting design but overall, imo, not a great execution. Basic features such as better battery life, waterproofing and clean OS are lacking in a high-end smartphone that should have these areas covered.
1 year ago

Was worth the wait

Verdict: I purchased the V20 the day after it was released. I am very happy with this device. There is so much to this phone that I am constantly learning something new everyday about it. The photographs and video are outstanding for a cell phone camera.

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1 year ago
LG Electronics Ratings and Reviews

Satisfying replacement for a Note 7

Verdict: Coming off the disappointment of the Note 7's failure, I had a hard time finding a phone I wanted to buy. I decided to give the LG V20 a try and was surprised to find that I actually prefer it to the Note 7.
1 year ago
B&H Photo

LG V20 64GB Urban Grey, Parallel Imported, 1 year PB Warranty, (NZ POWER PLUG and NZ CONVERTER INCLUDED)

Verdict: I ordered this morning at 8am and paid for express shipping and I received it at 9.20am! Thank you for the speedy delivery. The phone is beautiful and I am so glad I chose this over the Google Pixel :)
1 year ago
PB Tech
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