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Tablets Buying Guide

In the smartphone age, is there still room for the tablet? For a variety of reasons, there is. For a start, a larger screen is always better if you use your technology for entertainment such as watching TV or movies, or for gaming. Larger displays and on-screen keyboards also make it easier to do business. Another important factor is affordability; tablets are generally more affordable than smartphones. If there is room for a tablet in your life, here's what to look out for as you make your purchasing decision.

The Operating System Is Key

Android and iOS operating systems are the best known, and they support their own apps and services. For example, the Google-developed Android OS brings you Google-related apps and services such as Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome and YouTube. iOS runs on iPads, and offers a staggering array of custom-built apps, as well as a reputation for premium performance. Don't forget the Windows 10 OS, which has its fans as well, mostly because you can run full programs on their associated tablets. Depending on what services and apps you prefer, one operating system will probably suit you better than another one, so it might be a good idea to match your preferences to each system and see which one serves you best.

The Importance Of Processors

For speed and performance, you need a good processor. So, while many other features might catch your eye in a tablet, it's worth asking about the quality of its processor. 

Staying Connected:

Wi-Fi only tablets are great for around the home, or any other hotspot where you can connect to the net, but a tablet is a portable device and you'll want to stay in touch wherever you and your tablet go. Connectivity while away from your home modem is something you should always look for in your new tablet - not every tablet is "connectivity-friendly" so make it a priority on your tablet check list.

Tablets Are Budget Friendly:

You don't need to pay a small fortune to buy a perfectly adequate tablet. If your requirements are as basic browsing the web or sending an email, a low-cost tablet will more than do the job for you. Of course, as your requirements increase and the performance you need from your tablet increases with it, you can expect to pay more but you can still find top-level tablets at more than reasonable prices.

If You're Serious About Gaming

If you want a portable device for gaming wherever you happen to be, a tablet is a great choice. iOS is recognised as THE operating system for gaming, so an iPad is ideal for serious gamers.

Portable Tablets Require Good Battery Life

Portability is one of the biggest benefits of buying a tablet, but what's the point of being portable if your battery runs flat in no time at all? Good tablets should give you around eight hours of battery life off a single charge, but you can get even more on some tablets. Sure, you'll pay more for that sort of extended battery power, but if you need your tablet to work whenever you're away from a power source, it's well worth the extra cost.

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