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iPhone XS 64GB
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Verdict: Apple has always kept people on the tenterhook with its tempting launches each year. The Cupertino based technology giant launched three new iPhone this September; iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, discontinuing iPhone X.

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3 months ago
Pros: Very, very powerful, High-quality screen, Versatile camera
Cons: Mediocre battery life, Very expensive, Screen isn't quite as sharp as some rivals
Verdict: The iPhone XS is one of Apple's three new phones for 2018, but while the iPhone XR is aimed at slightly more budget buyers and the iPhone XS Max is the biggest and best option, the iPhone XS, sat in the middle, is likely to be the most mainstream.

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3 months ago

iPhone XS review: a brief foray into the Apple universe

Pros: Handy size, Perfect craftsmanship, Great display, Very good camera
Cons: Average battery, Performs slower than expected, Illogical UI
Verdict: There are many great smartphones on the market and the iPhone XS is certainly one of them. Apple does a lot of things differently from Samsung, Huawei and co., but 'different' doesn't necessarily mean better.

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3 months ago
Pros: Incredible design, Snappy performance
Cons: Battery life still lags, Expensive
Verdict: It might be pronounced "Ten-Ess", but it's hard not to talk about - or even think about - the new iPhone XS and not think excess.

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4 months ago
Pros: Premium design, Faster, very smooth performance, Improved speakers and sound, Superb cameras
Cons: Slightly buggy software, Looks exactly like the X, Battery better but not comparable to the competition, The price
Verdict: It is that year when the new iPhone is distinguished from its predecessor by an initial – and in keeping with past tradition, that initial is an S. And just like many in the past that came with the "S tag" in their names (4S, 5S, 6s), the new iPhone XS is more about performance enhancements than...
4 months ago

Apple iPhone Xs

Verdict: Announced in September 2018, the iPhone XS (and iPhone XS Max) made its debut roughly a year after the iPhone X. It represents a fairly modest update from its predecessor, but in terms of the camera there has been some interesting improvements.

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4 months ago

iPhone XS Review: The Best iPhone Ever

Pros: Great cameras, Stereo speakers are loud and amazing, Beautiful display with HDR10 and Dolby Vision, Powerful performance, Dual SIM, Excellent build quality
Cons: Extremely pricey at a starting price of Rs. 99,900, No fast charger in the box, and the bundled charger is an atrocity beyond words, Some apps are still not optimised for the notched bezel-less display, Beauty Gate, Notch (but that's subjective, I guess
Verdict: The iPhone XS launched earlier last month to huge fanfare, as is usual for an iPhone launch, and to nobody's surprise it looks pretty much the same as the iPhone X (apart from one physical difference). I've been using the iPhone XS ( starts at Rs.

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4 months ago

Apple iPhone XS 512GB

Pros: Impressive display, Top-notch performance, IP68 rated
Cons: Expensive, Average battery life
Verdict: The Apple iPhone XS looks identical to the iPhone X, but its performance is leaps ahead of not just its predecessor, but every other Android flagship smartphone in the market.

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4 months ago
Pros: Faster A12 Bionic CPU, Camera improvements and Depth Control, Improved battery life, Excellent OLED screen, Camera improvements and Depth Control, A12 Bionic provides a great speed boost over older Plus-sized iPhones, Excellent OLED screen
Cons: Rear camera bump may prevent some iPhone X cases from fitting properly, Pricey, Pricey, May be too big for smaller hands
Verdict: Long-time iPhone users should be familiar with the iPhone product release cycle by now. Usually, it works like this: Apple releases a major product, then the following year is the "s" generation of iPhones that offer incremental upgrades.

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4 months ago
Verdict: A wonderful smartphone, but the launch price should rule out a day-one purchase

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4 months ago

Apple iPhone Xs: A pocket powerhouse

Pros: Faster than the iPhone X, Great camera and superb video recording, New gold colour looks fantastic
Cons: Pricey for a 5.8in smartphone
Verdict: The Apple iPhone Xs, just like the Xs Max, is a fabulous smartphone. If you're firmly an iPhone fan but prefer a smaller screen, then you won't be disappointed.

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4 months ago

The iPhone XS Is Forever

Pros: Killer camera and a processor so powerful you won't know what to do with it
Cons: More expensive than ever
Verdict: The new flagship iPhones

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4 months ago

Apple iPhone XS Review: Android Phones Will Still Follow The iPhone

Verdict: The iPhone XS is the logical successor to last year's iPhone X. The X ushered in the new era that the iPhones embarked on. It was all about building on the blend of some tried and tested blueprint, some modern touches and a whole lot of personality.

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4 months ago
Pros: Killer camera and a processor so powerful you won't know what to do with it
Cons: More expensive than ever
Verdict: I'm sick of buying iPhones . For the past decade, I've been buying them and loving them and breaking them and losing them and replacing them and, when September comes along, upgrading them.

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4 months ago

Apple iPhone XS review: Easy pick for premium users

Verdict: Apple iPhone XS goes on sale in India today, but it sports a premium price tag of Rs 99,900 in the market. Is it worth the hype Here's our review of the iPhone XS
4 months ago
Indian Express

Apple iPhone XS

Pros: The iPhone XS has a markedly improved dual camera, delivering better photos than the iPhone X in both dark and high-contrast environments. It has a faster processor, faster face ID, adds dual SIM support and it's now available in gold and 512GB versions
Cons: Its battery life is the shortest of the three new iPhones and only incrementally better than last year's. Despite its still-rich price tag, key extras such as increased storage, USB-C fast chargers and headphone dongles will have you spending even more
Verdict: Apple's latest iPhones are now available . Or, at least two of them are. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are here, but we're still waiting on the iPhone XR , a lower-priced version coming later in October. That's right: Apple's split the iPhone X lineup this year into three offerings .
5 months ago

iPhone XS review: There's nothing excessive about Apple's latest and greatest smartphone

Verdict: Apple's new iPhone XS is a modest step up from last year's iPhone X, but remains a major technological leap forward for anyone who hasn't yet made the jump to the edge-to-edge design with Face ID.

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5 months ago

Apple iPhone XS Smartphone Review

Pros: bright and color-true OLED display, broad mobile network frequency coverage, impressive main camera, excellent craftsmanship, eSIM support (per update, dust and liquid-resistant
Cons: non-expandable memory, no headphone jack, restricted NFC, only 12 months warranty, mediocre telephoto lens
Verdict: Apple has stuck with its "S" nomenclature even after its anniversary iPhone and has consequently followed the iPhone X with the iPhone XS. As with previous "S" models, the iPhone XS is more a technical refinement of its predecessor than a fundamental departure.
5 months ago

iPhone XS review

Pros: Smart HDR helps the camera, More powerful again, Fast operation in the hand
Cons: Battery life not world-beating, Design not altered in a year, Still very expensive
Verdict: This is the iPhone XS – pronounced ‘10-S', not ‘excess' as you might think. It looks identical to last year's iPhone X , and you might think that not a lot has changed – but it's inside where the differences lie.

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5 months ago
TechRadar UK
Verdict: If you didn't like the iPhone X and its notched face, there's very little about iPhone XS that'll change your mind. If you were interested in iPhone X but weren't ready to take the risk - or front the cost - on the first iteration, then the second generation has a lot to offer.
5 months ago

Apple iPhone XS review: The safe update

Pros: Faster processor, New camera features, Tougher glass build
Cons: Design hasn't changed, Not a necessary upgrade for iPhone X users, No fast charger in the box
Verdict: When Tim Cook revealed the iPhone X in 2017 , the Apple CEO announced that this was the new direction for iPhone, the foundation of the next 10 years. Fulfilling that promise, Apple's new iPhones build on what the iPhone X started.

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5 months ago
Pocket Lint

iPhone XS and XS Max Review: Expected iteration

Pros: Display is stunning, Processor bump is substantial, Still a sleek-looking smartphone
Cons: Design is similar to last year's iPhone X, Expensive, especially in Canada, iPhone XR might be the better option for most people
Verdict: iPhone ‘S' release years have always had an air of controversy to them. They're viewed by most as a stop-gap measure until the next true upgrade, despite sometimes selling better than numbered releases.

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5 months ago

Apple iPhone XS Review

Pros: Gorgeous OLED screen, 5.8-inch screen size is perfect, Strong performance, IP68 water resistance, Solid camera improvements
Cons: No fast charging cable included, Expensive
Verdict: The iPhone Xs is indistinguishable from last year's iPhone X. As the "S" moniker suggests, it brings modest upgrades, but from what we've seen so far, you likely won't want to upgrade to it over the iPhone X.

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5 months ago

The X's Rules!

Pros: Battery Standby is excellent, 12.1.2 Update on 12/17/2018, What Glass is on the phone, Loud Ringers and Alerts, Screen sensitivity is excellent, UI is fast and friendly
Cons: No SD Card feature, No Dolby Atmos/Digital on audio, Need ear pod covers to stay in the ear
Verdict: I am on the 12.1.3 IOS update from 1/22/2019. So far I am delighted with my phone. Lots of settings and easy to navigate. The display is sharp and true in color.The resolution to me is not noticeably less than my S9. It is a very crisp looking screen display. The touch sensitivity is excellent.

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4 weeks ago

Excellent size

Verdict: This phone from Apple suited my daughter as she has petit hands. Build for quality by Apple. Cons Apple and the apps have a planned redundancy timescale where support of upgrades only last around 2 years. People are not changing their devices as often and this timeframe is not long enough.

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1 month ago

Great phone

Verdict: I have been an Apple fan for years and have had almost every iPhone that was released so this is no exception. And it doesn't fail to disappoint. I agree the price is now on the very high side. If you have the X then I suggest you don't upgrade as I can't see any difference for what I use it for.

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1 month ago

Apple iPhone Xs Max 64GB Gold

Pros: Daughter loves it! She has owned Apple iphones for years and loves the improved camera, the facial recognition and many other added features
Cons: Of course, typical of Apple, the price (always too expensive) but it is worth it to see the smile on her face

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2 months ago
The Good Guys

Apple Doesn't Disappoint

Verdict: I've owned virtually every version of iPhone released, and the XS is the is the best of them all. I've read several reviews saying the battery life is lacking. I haven't experienced that at all. This model has a beautiful display, is snappy fast and is the perfect size for me.

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2 months ago
Verizon Wireless

Space Gery color looks good

Verdict: Its space grey color look so cool, I received you delivery on time always... when its pre order will start.. start soon...
2 months ago

I'm very HAPPY! :)

Verdict: I love muy new iPhone XS. I connected it with Metro PCS and it works perfectly. Thanks.

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3 months ago

The iPhone XS is great!

Verdict: I delivery chose the 64GB model as I didn't need the 256GB storage space, as I have lots of Cloud-based storage, but also saved a huge amount of money in the process. Great phone though. Very clear screen!!

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3 months ago

Mine was faulty

Verdict: The original one I received was faulty but was swapped at my local Apple store. Now I have a fully working phone I love it. With a good WiFi/4g signal it's really fast. It has loads of features of which I've not even scratched the surface yet. 4 years interest free was useful too.

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4 months ago


Verdict: I bought this phone a couple of days ago and I am soooooo in love with it. I the camera is amazing and the phone comes with great features. I I accidentally dropped it in water and was perfectly fine afterwards. The iPhone isn't the cheapest and definitely isn't for the faint hearted (e.g.

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5 months ago
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