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Some brands like Fisher & Paykel and Parmco are homegrown and local, while others like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and Apple are international conglomerates.
There are different ways to sell and distribute products. Let’s have a closer look at these different types.

Local subsidiaries

Many of the international brands have established local subsidiaries in New Zealand in order to better service Kiwi consumers and penetrate the market.

Local distributors

A lot of brands, however, rely on local distributors to sell to consumers. This is a convenient way to purchase products. The distributor offers a local address if you need to return the product (though the case might not be handled locally).

Online sells with New Zealand delivery

Some brands have neither local subsidiaries or local distributors. These brands often sell online to consumers. Kiwi shoppers can pay in New Zealand Dollars and have the products shipped. The disadvantage is that it’s more difficult and costly to return products. The shipping cost will almost often be higher.
Some brands don't offer worldwide sales. NZ Post has a service called YouShop that helps to bring the products to your door.

Parallel imports

Retailers broaden their assortment by importing products from overseas distributors. These distributors are often based in Hong Kong, Australia or Singapore. Parallel importing is allowed according to New Zealand law.

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