Washing Machines Buying Guide

A washing machine is an essential household appliance. But which machine is best for YOUR household? There are lots of different models and types and features for you to look at, and this guide will point you in the direction of the washing machine that best suits your home.

Front Loader v Top Loader

There are pros in buying a front loader, and benefits in purchasing a top loader. In other words, they pretty much cancel each other out and you can expect decent washing performance whichever type you choose. Front loaders are generally considered to be cheaper over the long term, more compact and energy/water efficient, while being gentle on clothes. On the other hand, top loaders are often cheaper to buy, offer faster wash cycles and larger capacity, with the added bonus that you can open the machine during a wash cycle to add clothes to the mix. With all these advantages associated with either type of machine, your choice comes down to which benefits will actually benefit you most!

Size And Capacity

A major influence in your final decision is the size and capacity of the machine. Obviously, you need to fit your new machine into an allotted space, so you must check the physical dimensions of the machine before looking at anything else. Capacity is also important, especially if your machine is for a family home. The average washing machine has a capacity of seven kilograms, which should be big enough to capably serve a family of four. If your family is bigger, look for a bigger machine! A nine-kilogram machine for example, should be fine for a family of five or more, and can carry out more heavy duty washing; a machine of this size can comfortably handle nine towels in one load, or one king size duvet cover.

Settings To Suit

Cheaper machines are limited in the number of wash settings they offer you. This is not ideal if you regularly wash woolens or delicates. Look for a machine that has settings for more specialised types of washing as this will prolong the life of your more fragile garments.

Check For Energy Efficiency

Your washing machine is one of the most-used appliances in your home, and therefore it contributes a good deal to your power bill. During your research, check the energy efficiency of each machine; you'll be surprised at the variance, so don't automatically assume that all washing machines are the same in the energy efficiency stakes.

Keep Your Machine Clean

A dirty washing machine can result in a bad smell, as well as clothes that are less than completely clean - but this can happen when the machine itself is less than completely clean! It's easy for dirt, washing powder and general gunk to build up in a washing machine after a while, but fortunately, many new models now boast self-cleaning technology which makes the task of cleaning your machine as easy as pushing a button. This feature is well worth checking out for great washing performance, as well as for prolonging the life of the machine.

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